A day in Salzburg

An early start in Munich was in order to ensure we maximised our time in Salzburg, Austria. Before leaving, we decided to take advantage of our €6.90 all you can eat breakfast buffet provided by the hostel. It was ok, it just consisted of bread, cheese and some yoghurt but it was sufficient enough.

Before I knew it we were off, leaving Germany behind and saying hello to Austria. Everything started off great, until our train randomly decided to stop for 40 minutes, then tell us we needed to swap trains and the next one would be arriving in 5 minutes. After a quick panic of waking each other up, jumping out of our seats, grabbing our heavy bags, and running down the stairs and back up another set to get to a different platform with minutes to spare, we waited for our train which happened to be packed… Literally, there was no space to move! Bearing in mind this journey was only meant to take an 1 hour and 20 minutes, it took over 2.

After stashing our bags away in the lockers at the station (so cheap by the way, only €4.90 for a massive locker that fitted all three of our cases in!) we were keen to get on with the few hours we had to explore Salzburg. The bad luck continued however, as when we stepped out of the train station doors we were treated to the sight of rain pouring down. Considering I had planned all outdoor activities for the day (bad planning I know), this sucked. So we walked for a bit, sat under a tree for awhile, ate our packed lunch which we had prepared earlier in the day and deliberated our plan. After some consulting, we decided to quit feeling miserable and enjoy the day. I mean we’re only in Salzburg for the day, so rain or sun, we had to take advantage of this anyway we could. So we embraced it. Rain coats on, we headed for Mirabell Palace Gardens. Despite the rain and grey weather, the beauty shone through and flowers were just stunning, so bright and beautiful in contrast. It was such a large place, and the display of flowers were just remarkable. Although I’ve never seen it, it was cool to know that’ve been somewhere they filmed scenes from the Sound of Music. It was nice to see we weren’t the only people enjoying this place in the pouring rain too. After wondering around the gardens for quite awhile we stopped for a bit and listened to this beautiful choir perform. They sounded like angels, their voices were so enchanting and magical. I could have stayed all day, in the rain and cold. They would have been worth it.

From Mirabell Palace Gardens, we moved on and walked over a bridge on the Salzach River. It was so cute, they had so many padlocks that couples had attached to it. It was a lovely little walk over, and once we reached the other side we aimlessly wondered for a bit and managed to find Mozart’s House which stood out quite a lot, partially due to the crowds, partially due to it being painted bright yellow. At the bottom of Mozart’s House a fancy looking Spar (small supermarket) has been built in (not sure what Mozart would have felt about this), I honestly suggest you go in there as you can grab small bottles of prosecco for only €1.70 – absolute bargain! (sorry I’m from London, and get crazy excited when I see cheap alcohol on offer).

On our way back to the station, we decided to take a little detour back through the gardens and look at the parts we didn’t get to earlier in the day. It was fun, we had a little run around, smelt some more roses and found some cool little statues. But our time quickly ran out, so after all our fun in the rain we headed back to the station, grabbed our bags and hopped on our train to Vienna where we would be staying at the Wombats – The Naschmarkt Hostel

3 cities down, 8 more to go.

Previous stop: Munich, Germany

Next stop: Vienna, Austria

Top tips for Salzburg:

  • Visit the Mirabell Gardens
  • Grab some cheap Prosecco from Spar
  • Plan some in-door activities just in case it rains

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