Bratislava by night

We left Budapest quite early this morning (or at least we tried… ended up being 11am) to go to Bratislava, Slovakia. The train ride there was relatively easy, however our search for our hostel was a little bit more difficult. With one of us falling ill, we had to take it slow and easy but after a little break at a café in a random station, we finally found our destination. Hostel Blues was so much better then my expectations. On arrival, the surrounding place looked a bit dodgy to say the least, but the hostel was well secured and the staff were so welcoming and nice it was such a surprise. On arrival, one of them sat us down, took out a map of the town and recommended places we could visit on our stay furthermore she also recommended places to eat, what food to try and general information about the city. It was literally the most helpful thing, I wish all hostels did this on people’s arrival. Our room was even quite nice, and very comfortable too which is always a plus.

After a rest at the hostel and a bit of up-keep (i.e. putting our entire collection of clothes in the washing machine, then putting them out to dry once done), we headed to the “Slovak Pub” as advised by the hostel staff. With only a 5 minute walk away, and traditional Slovakian food on the menu, it seemed liked the perfect place. I tried some Slovakian garlic soup (again recommended by the hostel staff), which was severed in this massive bread bowl with cheese. It was absolutely stunning, I’m still dreaming about it now. Not knowing how big the portions in this place would be, I decided to also order some fried camembert, with potato wedges (which really wasn’t needed, the soup was definitely enough on it’s own), a beer and a coke which amazingly only came to €10 all together. Bratislava is so cheap, it’s a dream. A glass of wine in this place is literally €0.80, what a bargain! After an amazing dinner, which filled me up to the core, we walked on down the UFO tower. Bratislava is so, so tiny by the way, you could walk from one side of the town to the next and it would only take half an hour max. On route to the UFO tower, we decided to go via a portion of the town and castle (unfortunately this was closed due to some fancy event happening, so we were unable to go in or access the viewing platforms there) but it was nice to see the castle close-ish up and to see it’s surrounding areas. On our walk down from the castle, we actually got a really nice view of the UFO tower which was cool as it showed us what we were about to get into.

Not before long we had arrived. It was really difficult to see where the entrance of the tower was, but we found it eventually. After paying for our tickets, we were shown to lift which took us up the majority of the way, a quick walk up a flight of stairs and there we were. On top of the UFO tower. For some reason, I thought the viewing tower would be in an enclosed space, inside but it wasn’t. Thank god it wasn’t raining, but it was quite windy. It was actually quite scary being that high up (95m above ground). We were the only ones up there, and it was really dark except from the purple hue of the lights. But the view of Bratislava at night was definitely pretty, and 100% worth it. It also gave us the perfect opportunity to dance and sing with no one around to witness or hear our beautiful voices.

Only staying a night in Bratislava meant we had to pack in as much as we could before we had to leave later tonight. To begin this beautiful day we treated ourselves to breakfast at Funki Punki, where I had one of the nicest hot chocolates (with real chocolate and whipped cream in top!) and some really good pancakes. After the perfect start to the day, we were well equipped to explore the town and headed to the main streets of Bratislava. With souvenir shops dotted around everywhere, we spent our time visiting every. single. one. These shops were filled with the most beautiful handicrafts and most stunning, unique pottery I’ve ever seen. If I didn’t have another 2 weeks to go of lugging my backpack around I would have indulged myself, but I couldn’t bare to think of all this amazing stuff breaking.I would go back just for the pottery. It was just so beautiful. Our aimlessly walking around also took us to some markets selling pretty things at good prices. We also came across a couple of famous statues (hello Čumil a.k.a “the watcher”), pretty buildings and a really good food market!

But time sped past us, and before we knew it we had to move on. Travelling to our next stop, Kutná Hora, was a hassle and a half but that’s a story for next time!

6 cities down, 5 more to go.

Previous stop: Budapest, Hungary

Next stop: Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Top tips for Bratislava:

  • Go up the UFO tower to see the views of Bratislava
  • Go the the Slovak Pub and store up on alcohol and garlic soup
  • Take some bubble wrap and buy an unlimited amount of pottery
  • Stay longer than 1 night



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