About Me

How can one begin to describe herself when there’s nothing to say?

So that’s where it all begun.

I’m just your average 20 year old. I like to go abroad, I’ve always liked to go aboard and thankfully I’ve always been privileged enough to do so. But going abroad and going travelling are two entirely different things. I’m just your average 20 year old who got caught up in a mundane life so decided to do something crazy. Deciding to take a hiatus from the working life and go travelling, solo. My first stop being Sri Lanka and hopefully there are many more to come (I’m in no rush). I’m just your average 20 year old who decided it’s time to stop being so average.

So this blog is my story. My story of how I managed to do something I never thought I could, how I managed to become someone I never thought I could. And to share an insight to anyone considering doing the same thing.

So who am I? Roaming the Orbis, otherwise known as Natalie. And as you gathered a 20 year old girl. Born and raised in London. I’ve got a wanderlust making me feel like I don’t belong anymore. It’s my time to travel and explore the world while I still have the chance.

**All pictures on this blog are copyright of Roaming the Orbis and taken by me (unless otherwise noted). Please ask for permission before using and/or distributing these photos and always provide a link and citation back to the image.


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